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The pulp of Aloe Arborescens leaves contains mono and polysaccharides. These two elements in particular are currently the subject of specific interest in the scientific community due to the presence of Acemannano which is improperly defined as polysaccharide mucus, as it doesn’t contain nitrogen groups. The majority of that which is found in Aloe Arborescens constitutes Acemannano of an elevated molecular weight, being of a molecular construction foreign to the body it is easily absorbed, provoking an immune reaction which enables the cells to defend themselves from the attack of certain viruses, bacteria and cell tumours.

It is, in fact indicated in the Merck index as an antiviral agent and as a stimulant to the immune system. In vitro studies have demonstrated that Acemannano particularly activates the T Lymphocytes and is capable of eliminating the Herpes Virus within 15 minutes. Studies of HIV patients are notable for the good reception and tolerance of purified Acemannano in which the increase of CD Lymphocytes has also been observed in a good number of patients.

From in vitro studies it would seem that the presence of Acemannano where administered to patients diminishes the virus's infectious potential. Acemannano also has a positive effect against damage caused by x-rays, burns are particularly reduced, notably inducing the production of Fibroplasti, cells essential to the re-growth of supportive connecting skin tissue and of collagen production.

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